Friday, 7 January 2011

not resolutions, just a few pointers for 2011

No resolutions as such this year, not really any point as I never stick to them but I have a few challenges lined up. I like challenges mainly because of the deadlines, that is not to say that I always complete them but it does then to focus my thoughts.

So for the first part of 2011 I have to spin and knit a shawl  for a group on Ravelry, the shawl is a Haruni and the pattern is available on Ravelry.

The spinnotts group on Ravelry also have a spin and knit challenge, this time to knit 198 yds of heaven shawl which I have knitted before and hopefully won't take too long.

For my own development I want to try out different knitting stitches and increase my knitting knowledge, fortunately I have many friends who are willing to help me in that direction.

Finally I would like to keep my lace making and embroidery skills from going rusty.

As for today, I am taking a few bobbins to work to empty and rewind at dinnertime ready for lace lesson number two. I'm also still looking for a pattern for myself but can't make my mind up as it has to be an easy one that can be picked up and put down without having to think too much about where I am with it. I am thinking Torchon despite the fact that I love Bucks Point Lace.

By the way, I've not killed the plants yet!!!


Sophie said...

Good to see you in the world of lace again!

peahen said...

This is a great post. I really like your approach to NY resolutions - challenges is a great alternative. And this is a nice set of projects for 2011. Look forward to seeing progress :-)