Wednesday, 16 February 2011

still a knitting newbie

I have been tried to improve my knitting skills since being involved with the shop, just seems to make sense that if you are a partner in a knitting shop, you at least need to have some knitting ability! I conquered magic loop last year and made a hat but DPNs have been a sticking point, too many needles at the same time. So on Sunday I sat down with 4 needles and some hand spun that had turned out to be a bit of a disaster and started to knit,I did pull out the wrong needle a few times but eventually I found my rhythm. This is not going to make any thing, just a tube but I feel a little more confident on 4 needles now.

The yarn is over spun wenslydale and quite coarse to the touch but I am liking the colours so may rescue the finish piece and use it somehow.

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Amo said...

Beautiful looking yarn. You should try a 5 pack group of needles. A little more flexible in the round than 4.