Thursday, 3 March 2011

Wheely good at the guild

Saturday was guild day and although I had to leave early to attend another 'do' we managed to have a lot of fun, chat and laughter. So less of the chat from me and more of the pictures....Firstly one of the small group of spinners, I think if we all tried to sit in a circle it would be too big for the room some months so now we tend to spin in groups when there are a lot of wheels around.

guild and rbr 014

Odette bought in her aeolian shawl to share, hand spun and knitted...jealous, really need to practise my knitting!!

guild and rbr 011

guild and rbr 008

guild and rbr 021

Also accompanying Odette was this cute dragon.

guild and rbr 018

We also had a visit fronm Steve from who is just starting to make drop spindles from recycled materials. The spindles are designed to to used as top or bottom whorl and have weights that can be added in 5gm increments. I have two of the spindles on trial so the spinnotts peeps can have a play at the next meeting. The general concensous was that, with a few minor adjustments, these are very nice spidles, have a nice long steady spin.


peahen said...

I really like those spindles and will be very interested to hear more about how you get on with them.

It's good to see that you have such a thriving guild!

Julie said...

What a beautiful shawl!