Saturday, 16 April 2011

Wonderwool...the sheep, the camping, the fluff!!! Part One

Well, we did it all again!! You would have thought we would have learnt the first time round, Wonderwool is full of fluff, sheep, spinning wheels... terrible place to spend your weekend! This was a trip that had been on and off for a few weeks due to both of my regular spinning friends moving house at the same time. Sadly, Toadoftoadhall couldn't make it but Wikkidknitter managed to at the last minute. Ravelry friends helped us with the transport and we arrived in Wales early Friday evening in order to be ready for work and play on the Saturday the Ravelry Interactive area. The trip also gave me the chance to try out my new tent although my mate considered it more important to get his spinning wheel reassembled before putting his tent up. We camped nearby by the river starting the day on bacon sarnies and gallons of coffee to warm us up after a cold night.

We did shop, but also spent most of our time showing people how spinning wheels and other pieces of equipment worked.

As promised, photos of sheep, more photos to come :-)

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Erin said...

Oh that last picture of sheep's wool, how beautiful! I don't spin and wonder at the ability of others. I am awed at the process and I need to learn more about the steps that you move through when going from a sheep's pelt to the finished yarn. Excuse me if I use the wrong terms, I need to become educated. The camping looks like an rugged experience but the mention of coffee and bacon helps me imagine being there with a warm smile and hands wrapped tightly around a mug.