Sunday, 29 May 2011

Music and Fluff

Hi, seems ages since I blogged here, so sorry but I've been a little busy recently as the next few posts will show.

In the meantime, here's a couple of photos from two weeks ago when we found ourselves in a pub not far from Knit Nottingham enjoying music from a band that we first met in Scotland many years ago.

Seven Little Sisters have reformed recently and  are very busy but still found time to play in a local pub even though they had played a festival and a late gig the previous two days.

As usual, we were there with knitting and spindles and these days the band would be disppointed if we didn't spin whilst enjoying their music!!

blog 2176

This is the Blueface Leicester that was dyed with landscape dyes ( see previous post) and spun by Wikkidknitter.

blog 2177

We enjoy a drink but please note that the whisky container is used for transporting spindle and fibre!!

blog 2182

The beer was very appropriate!

blog 2178

and the band played on.

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peahen said...

I love the whisky-container-as-spindle-carrier idea! Top tip.