Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lace update

My poor lace pillow has been abandoned since I finished the bookmark commission so I have made another bookmark just to keep my fingers moving the bobbins.

lace bookmark

lace bookmark

I'm as happy to take my lace pillow to a cafe bar as I am to take my wheel and many of my younger friends are expressing a desire to learm. Many of these friends already spin and knit is this part of a trend to return to tradional craft skills?

((OOpps looks like this and the previous lace post came out in the wrong order, Sorry))


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That is a beautiful bookmark! Someday I hope to reach your level of expertise. I guess that means I have to practice! ; )

Maggi said...

Lovely colours. I think the return to traditional crafts has a lot to do with the very meditative feel that may have. Not a bad thing when people are being told they have to work longer!

Jenny said...

Lovely bookmark, beautiful colours. Take my hat off to you for lacemaking in a cafe. The more exposure, the more people that may want to learn.

ClaireEJ said...

Oh my, so nice to see a bobbin lace maker.
I haven't touched a pillow for years and I know Mum wants to sell hers as she can't see such small stuff now.

Guzzisue said...

hi, I keep coming back to lace even though other textile crafts take up my time, Must be the intricate nature of the lace :-)