Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tour de Fleece Day Eleven

Yesterdays spinning took place at knit club amongst a buzz of conversation about motorbikes. I was still fighting with the teeswater, wikkidknitter had a gorgeous braid from feltstudiouk to work with and acadlia is working from her own batts to spin enough for a jumper. We are are all also spinnotts members so there was also chat about the next spinnotts gathering which will be at the Riverside festival in Nottingham (Julie, are you reading this? hope to see you there again)

Tour de fleece 2011

A quick apology to non- spinning folks, I know the blog has been very biased towards the tour de fleece and I will try to rectify this :-) the challenge finishes in two weeks time coinciding with a bike rally so things will get back to normal. Whatever normal is !!

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