Wednesday, 20 July 2011

tour de fleece

OK, I'll admit that I've lost count of the days but I am still spinning and have now finished the falkland singles ready for plying.

tour de fleece
amazing how different they look coming off the two wheels even though they both have the same amount of fibre on.

spinning family
I'm busy working out how to pack my spindle and knitting onto the bike for our next holiday, last year I just took my knitting but really missed having my drop spindle so hopefully I will find a place for it this year.

As I mentioned. my mum turned 80 last week and she had a party on Sunday for her family and friends, doesn't she look amazing!!

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Araignee said...

What a beautiful Mum you have! There is no way she is 80!! If she really is-then you have inherited some super fantastic genes! Lucky you!