Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wensleydale Railway

Ok, the reason I've been a little quiet............we had a weekend away at a bike rally in Yorkshire. On the Saturday we went out to play on the Wensleydale Railway which runs along 16 miles of track from Leeming Bar to Redmire.

We waited for the train at Leyburn to start our journey.

dakesman 2011 001
dakesman 2011 003
I'm not sure why the man was standing on the engine, maybe something to do with taking on water.
The carriages retained a lot of their original features but sadly they still had their original springs in the seats.This made knitting almost impossible due to the bouncing around.Some of the other compartments looked like  they had been restored.

dakesman 2011 009dakesman 2011 010
The passing scenery was beautiful as ever and we all took the opportunity to enjoy it without the hindrance of crash helmets etc.
dakesman 2011 006
We stopped at Redmire so the engine could be placed at the rear of the train to pull us back up to Leeming Bar.

dakesman 2011 007

Then we travelled back to Leeming bar and Bedale where we stopped for lunch and a pint.
dakesman 2011 024dakesman 2011 022

Then we boarded the train again for the run back to Leyburn and the steady trudge back to the rally site.

dakesman 2011 011dakesman 2011 008

dakesman 2011 005

dakesman 2011 030


Araignee said...

Your post made me want to kick my ancestors who thought it would be a good idea to get on a big boat and head over to the new world. I would love to live in a place that looked like that. What were those Kendall's thinking?
PS: My great, great, great, great grandfather was the first settler executed in the new world. Cool, huh?

Pamela said...

Did you pass through Finghall?