Sunday, 27 November 2011


A couple of years ago I bought some cards for tablet weaving, had two very unsuccessful attempts and gave up! Today, after seeing some in use at the guild and speaking to another fibre nut who uses them, I warped them up on my inkle loom.

 tablet weaving

 tablet weaving

So far, so good

So the problems are : I used wool and the card wears it away very quickly
                                 : I cannot keep track of where I am in the sequence if I have to leave it for any reason
                                  : The design I'm working shows on the reverse of the work, it that normal???

 tablet weaving

 tablet weaving

So back to the drawing board, I'm open to ideas, anyone ?


Vlaďka said...

I have got no experience with this, but I´ve got some literature about this weaving. There is written you can numbered each card and each hole in cards. Maybe it will help.

Guzzisue said...

I've numbered the holes but get confused as to when to go forward or backward after leaving it for a few mins :-) going to try again!!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

So far you have a repeat pattern easier to work with.

As long as the front is good in the end don't worry if you see the back now. Have fun playing with it until you get a better answer.

Loosing place: Keep a written pattern on the side. Even if it is just a number list of the rows in the repeat. And place a marker on the last row done when you need to walk away.

As to the card wear. Use celeophane tape to cover the cards. add another layer between uses as needed. (Not a fix, but you will get more wear from them.)

Hope I helped?

Hugs, Euphoria