Thursday, 24 November 2011

A few updates

Hi, Ok I got  a little lax about posting again, too much to do and too little time as usual. Also since the dark nights started I seem to be lacking in energy a bit BUT I am still creating even if on a slightly smaller scale.
inkle loom sami band
Inkle loomI am still playing with the inkle loom, the first sami braid was great fun using acrylic yarns, I had a play with hearts and now have some cotton thread sitting ready to go on next...thinking maybe using yarn for the pattern threads and trying a Celtic pattern. ( simple one)

And I'm still playing with bobbin lace especially after buying more lace pillows, bobbins and threads from a fellow spinner a couple of weeks ago.Since I had all the new toys, I had to play and have found a good number of people who also want to have a go at lace making so I'm thinking that we will all have to get together real soon :-)

bobbin lace

Must admit that I'm a little out of practise and have spotted the odd mistake but hopefully this will help get me up and running again :-)


Vlaďka said...

All your handwork is excellent. I like your lace. And your first work - beautiful! I love it. I don´t know how it is called in English (we say "tkanice", but google say tape or string, I think it´s not realy good translation :-D)I look forward to the next your work, especially Celtic pattern. Have a nice day.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Wow - this looks wonderful! I've never tried bobbin lace but it looks like an incredible amount of work and very lovely.