Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday round up

So here we are on Sunday evening, one whole week into January!!! What have I done this week? well I knitted Charlie again...ongoing bus/coffee/dinner break knit....stitched the ATC for take a stitch Tuesday, made fruit loaf sultana scones and cheese biscuits and started to spin the rainbow dyed merino from the New Year Eve dying session.

Earlier today I wandered down to Costa ( hubby now works some Sundays :-(  ) with my inkle loom and a selection of yarn ready to waep up another Sami band.

The only problem with working in the coffee shop is having to come home on the bus. Todays prize qquestion came from a woman waiting at the bus stop....what does that machine make? no excuse me or niceties so I told her it was a waeving loom. Next question...can you knit jumpers on it??? I really was too tired to explain why not!!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the weaving in coffee shops - such a change from boring people tapping away at laptops!!