Sunday, 1 January 2012

what we did on New Years Eve.......

.....was have a bit of fun, fluffy fibre style whilst hubby was out with Biker Ted shopping and visiting friends. Firstly we raided the fluff stash as I had bought a bag of off white merino at a bargain price a few months ago and fancied trying to dye it. Some superwash merino yarn was added to the pile and Wikkidknitter bought along some merino/angora to add to the pot.

 first we had a quick check on the colour combinations

seems to work ok

Then we start the chocolates

Then we eat the cheese biscuits fresh from the oven

and bake some cakes whilst the dyes are cooking

I'm thinking this may be my next spinning project, just need something to ply it with...any ideas?

and this may just go to the shop :-)
We had fun as usual, stocked up on a bit of fibre and giggled the day away as good friends often do :-)
Now down to earth with a bump with a spinnotts event to arrange in Nottingham for January 21st where the spinners will be spinning and also looking at bobbin lace.

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