Saturday, 7 April 2012

Non fibre fun

Now, some of you may know that my hubby plays in the Nottingham Ukulele orchestra so some of my time is spent watching and listening to them play and today was no exception. The venue, however was a little different as they were playing in a beer tent at a steam rally!! I LOVE steam, always have ever since my Dad dragged me down to the Great Central Railway in the  early '70s to see what was left of the stations.
So here are the Orchestra sorting themselves out ready for the first of three sets to be played this afternoon. I stayed and listened, did a little spinning then ventured out into the damp outdoors to have a look at the steam engines and the railway.

It was a murky day which added to the atmosphere.

steam at easter

steam at easter

Did manage to find a bit of colour though....

steam at easter

and a bit of heat :-)

steam at easter

all in all a good day out inspite of the dampness, now back home and about to sort out a mystery fleece soaking in the huge bucket outside.


Araignee said...

Fun! Can't wait to see what's soaking in the bucket...

Guzzisue said...

will post once its dry...really not sure what it is but its soft and bouncy :-)