Saturday, 16 June 2012

UkeFest Cont'd

So , you thought it all finished on the Saturday night?Wrong!! Sunday morning saw the massed ranks of ukulele players gathering in the centre of Cheltenham. A definite show stopper!

 see the three rather brightly coloured peeps? they are part of the Nottingham Ukulele Orchestra contingent, spot the union flag uke and and my other half in his deadhead T shirt :-)
 loved the fact that the major wore his chain of office over a zip up fleece and bought his own ukulele!
A lamppost makes a good music stand for these youngsters!!

The celebrations continued on into the afternoon with burgers, beer, stalls and an open mic session at the designated pub in spite of the torrential rain....yes we were all outside hiding in gazebos.

The one thing that I did notice was that most of the acts were mingling with the crowd and we spoke to Manitoba Hal as he stood in the line for the burgers and mentioned that we hadn't seem him at the big busk earlier. No, he said he'd been helping out getting everything set up for the afternoon, no big egos on these guys, just down to earth and friendly.

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend xx


Araignee said...

I definitely live on the wrong side of the pond. Damn you adventurous ancestors!

Guzzisue said...

I'm sure you have just as much fun over on your side :-) suspect your fibre fests are bigger as well xx