Monday, 27 August 2012

Lowdham Show, Part two, the sheepy bit!!

OK, so the real reason for being at the show was to do our spinning thing on behalf of the Notts branch of the Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers which makes us sound a whole lot stuffier than we really are. There were just six of us around today and unfortunately two had to leave early but it still left enough wheels to interest people in what we were doing.
Note the umbrellas , not just for decoration given the Met office forecast of heavy showers which fortunately didn't turn up until after we got home.

ermm..the two that left early had Ashford spinning wheels, these three are also Ashfords so where was my wheel, all on its own outside the tent and sulking.

I have been told off by other spinners about the state of my wheel, the dinner lady stickers are not very becoming, the other stickers just ruin it, look at the state of the wood and where is your wooden thingy that should be on the end of the bolt bit sticking out at the back??? Well, this wheel has been dragged halfway across the country on more than one occasion, its been on buses, trams, cars, trains and pulled along on a little trolley. Its been used in pubs, clubs coffee houses, art galleries, office staff rooms, fibre festivals,outdoor events, on camp sites and an ukulele festival to name just a few.

Why was my wheel sulking? because it's a Kromski?? no. it's because I was spending my time giving some tender lovin care to this..

And this cute little wheel belonged to the owner of theses lovely beasts :-)

Well, the rain mostly stayed away, lots of people came to see how to spin mainly because of a TV programme shown last night about spinning and weaving and we all had a good giggle including the clown who remembered us from last year when we got him spinning on a drop spindle whilst on stilts!!
spinnotts 208

Please forgive me if you have seen this picture before, all in all, a grand day out!!

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