Sunday, 4 November 2012

playing catch up

Hi, its been a while but I'm going to play catch up with the next few posts and there will be a FIBRE heavy post on Woolly Wednesday in a few days time. In the meantime here are some photos from a recent small craft fair that I attended with Wikkidknitter. I did think that I had a photo of each stall but must have got distracted halfway round so big apologises to the ones I've missed out and I will try to put links to your sites at the bottom of this post.

First out of the bag is my friend Libby and I really love her work :-) She blogs under the name LilyBelle likes sewing and her new blog is called The Sewing Box, and introduces her quirky style of embroidery.

Next we have Leanne of Buffer Zone Nails who did a marvellous job of organising the show, these are Leannes hand painted nail sets, just the thing for Christmas.
Unfortunately, not one of my best photos :-( however this is Wikkidknitter with his amazing beaded Jewellery. It's not ofter that I wish that I had both ears pierced for earrings but the drop earrings are gorgeous.
This is Claires stall, Pinky and Boo, pretty crochet flower broaches, sewing baskets pin cushions, aprons and many other delights.

More Jewellery was on Sale made by Emma and I'm pleased to say that she remembered to take photos of the other stalls which can be found here Emma Ruth Jones
So, apologies to Perfidious Jewellery,  
                            To Vintage and Beyond
                            Toyz N the Hood
So sorry that I don't have photos but why not check out their sites?

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Janys said...

Great to see what a UK market is all about. Where we are we see markets, but they are so very different to those back home - and for obvious cultural reasons, the merchandise on offer tends to follow Italian or local traditional handcrafts. Some lovely looking work there amongst your friends stalls.