Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Woolly Wednesday

So here we are again with a round up of all things fiberey :-) Its been a bit of a busy month so normal blog posts have been a bit hit and miss but I have a few in mind and hopefully by the time you read this ( I'm writing slightly in advance as I have a free hour to play with) there will have been a little more activity.
So, what have I been up to over the last month? well do you remember this?

 well this the progress so far....need to wash some more now
just short of 350gm spun so far, nice easy spin, sort of aran weight

We had the opportunity to attend the Ashfield Guild Hospitality Day with other members of our Guild and the spinnotts team and I almost came away without buying anything but succumbed to 3 balls of blue crochet cotton from the bargain table to use on my inkle loom.

 Pete (aka Wikkidknitter) gave a helping hand and advice to two new spinners.
and Tabs gave us a quick demonstration of how to spin and make it look easy :-)

I sort of fell in love with a couple if wheels which I'm going to blog about separately with plenty of pictures.

Back on the wheel has been some of last years Bond, one full bobbin and hopefully enough left to fill another later this week. I'm supposed to be doing a demo next weekend ( last weekend was a 1940's weekend so I pitched up with my spinning wheel as hubby was playing with the uke orchestra) and have decided that rather than revert to spinning tops I would start to prep the Shetland fleece that has been stashed away for the last few months.

 some vegetation but most should shake out
 nice fleece, well sheared but oh my! look at these tips!!

this is going to be a challenge!
 thankfully looks better after a good wash
So this is now my ongoing challenge for the next month!!

So, what have you all been up to??


Some info on Colin said...

Hi there. It's been a while :) I have actually dusted off my spinning wheel, ordered a replacement flyer (mine seems to have flown the coup) and intend to visit the Spinners and Weavers Guild open day this weekend...Just maybe you will get to see something happen after all...must be the 'gentle' reminder I get every time I use the lace bobbin you sent me LOL

laura_rose said...

oops...pays to know who is signed in on the PC...last comment was sent from partners account...sorry :)

Guzzisue said...

hehe had me confused there for a sec xx

Dawn said...

Lovely looking yarn, it's come up nice and bright.

Your previous post made me smile too, being the wife of a uke player!

Araignee said...

All those bobbins lined up is such a pretty sight!

Shearer's Girl said...

Nice Shetland fleece - looks very open, some of them really felt on the sheep. You should try Power Scour for those tips (I'm biased, I'm a Power Scour stockist - but it really works)!