Wednesday, 5 December 2012

woolly wednesday again

 Woolly Wednesday

well, what have I been up to since last month? well I taught a Drop Spindle workshop  at Knit Nottingham, usually we have 4 maybe 5 beginners but just two this time. The shop is really small ( we need somewhere bigger ) and rather full of yarn so 5 newbies, 2 spinners 2 wheels and countless spindles can be rather interesting to say the least :-) So to have just the three of us made a pleasant change, more relaxed and more space to play with things.. We chatted about fleece, processing, texture, all the usual topics and touched on dyeing so I suspect that at some point I may have a kitchen full of fleece and dyes so that one of the participants can have a bash at it.

Angela and myself did a spinning demo at The Framework Knitters Museum, more about this in this post.
The oxford fleece from last months post is rapidly becoming fingerless mittens, confession here....I generally knit shawls so this is my first attempt at thumbs!! or any real shaping etc
but I'm loving the rustic feel to these and they are thick, very warm and remind me of knitted garments when I was little.

The shawl is slowly growing still and  another pair of mitts are on the needles for a friend.

umm....I seem to have acquired this to add to my winter spin collection....please note that I am not stating which winter!!

which reminds me that I was gifted a Jacob earlier in the year and have been slowly, very slowly spinning it up over the last few months between other projects.

 ok not my best photos ! White, light grey, medium gray, dark brown and a gradient skein.

I'm busy sorting out the remainder to spin at a demo on Saturday to show how many different shades can come from one sheep.
Well, I'm going to be really busy today as I was given a large bag of fibre last night which I need to sort through and I have some Swedish fleece samples to have a good look at. Will update through the month and hope to see you all for the next Woolly Wednesday next year!!


Dawn said...

Wow, busy times.
I love the spinning in the fireplace photo, I shall be spinning at a museum more in the new year similarly by a nice fire, so cosy.

Lovely spinning and knitting projects, and the jacobs looks a lovely fleece - I have a bag of samples with seperate colours and different blends to show the range from them - it was fun and interesting to do. Have fun.

Araignee said...

Goodness, you have been busy. That Jacob is so gorgeous. Love the mitts!

The Sassy Spinner said...

Really looking forward to seeing the results of your Jacob spinning especially as I was gifted one today - ready washed too! Good luck with the demo on Saturday.

The Sassy Spinner said...

Really looking forward to seeing the results from your Jacob, especially as I was gifted a Jacob fleece today - ready washed! Good Luck with the demo on Saturday

Kerryhill said...

I too would love to try dyeing, I met Linda from tall tarns recently, she's based in the south but offers dyeing workshops to groups, very tempting! Love the museum photo, love the feeling of woolly skills passing down the generations