Friday, 1 February 2013

day by day

So that's January out of the way, New Year Resolutions broken and forgotten, snow been and gone and due to come back. Hubby has finally gone back to work after almost beating the cold/flu virus and I'm slowly taking stock of the amount of fluff and fibre slowly spreading through the house.

 I will detail more about Januarys spinning/knitting in the Woolly Wednesday post in a few days time. For now I have a few bags of dyed fleece from the goody bag to play with, not a huge amount in any if them, just enough to have a spin and see how the colours merge.

 I'm not even sure what fleece this is although I strongly suspect that the first one, dyed green/blue is a Shetland X as I seem to remember the previous owner buying one at Wonderwool a couple of years ago.

So here is the first bag processed and ready for spinning, not sure of the weight and I think I may keep this as a single for the time being as I may have something in the cupboard to ply it with.

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