Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Great Big Wheel

It started off as a general guild meeting with a talk on spinning wheel maintenance followed by a session on using hand carders then a session on long draw. Interesting  but I'm really not a huge fan of hand carders and I seem to spin woollen with a sort of modified long draw when I need to. Still , chance to take my wheel and have a gossip with everyone.
We were told about ratios and oiling your wheel although you could probably guess that I oil mine from the colour of it!! poor sonata, used and abused. There was laughter when someone asking to borrow the oil from the demo to oil the hall doors.
All was good until we realised that Dora had not bought her usual wheel, in fact she needed a couple of pairs of hands to get the new wheel into the hall!

It's about as tall as me!! and a real sleeping beauty type wheel, yes it has a spindle with which to prick your finger. Several of us had a play, I enjoyed spinning on it but suspect that hubby wouldn't be too keen if I bought one home.

As usual, Pete made it look really easy............

I came home with a small bag of Shetland x something.....watch this space.


Araignee said...

That is one amazing wheel. I've never seen anything like it!

Dawn said...

There amazing to try, I had a go at Glastonbury Wool festival last year.
But I wouldn't have the space for one! Great for shows and demonstrations though.

creatingwithwool said...

Very interesting....I've never had the pleasure of trying anything like that. Would love to though. So there's no treadle?

Guzzisue said...

HI, no treadle!m you turn it by using your right hand as you draft with your left and sort of walk backwards slightly!

kreativa said...

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Hello, my name is Ate and I live in Germany. I can only a little English. I have one request of you: Please include the top right of your blog the "Google Translation" field. You can find in the "Layout" "gadget". Thank you. Greetings

Guzzisue said...

I have added the translation for you, I hope it is of some use to you. Thanks for reading my blog.

Ich habe die Übersetzung für Sie hinzugefügt haben, ich hoffe, es ist von einigem Nutzen für Sie. Vielen Dank für das Lesen meiner Blog.