Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nottingham light night

Last Friday night was the annual Nottingham light night so we headed off into town straight after work. My man was playing with the Uke Orchestra  from 7-9 so I had a wander round a few of the attractions before meeting up again and heading for the pub.
This year there were not so many buildings lit up and although the castle had a big event on, admission was by ticket only and they had sold out 2 weeks ago ( free entrance but ticket still required)
But I still found plenty to look at......

nottingham light night 2013

Nottingham Trent University Students produced short films to light up the Newton Building

nottingham light night 2013

The Daleks staged their own invasion outside the Theatre Royal

 nottingham light night 2013

This is the Corner House Cinema complex,

 nottingham light night 2013

Part of the Adams Building in the Lace Market

 nottingham light night 2013
Stella Corralls lace lampshades at Debbie Bryan shop in the Lace Market

 nottingham light night 2013

nottingham light night 2013

Willow Figures outside St Marys Church by Wildworks and young people of Nottingham

nottingham light night 2013

Stepping stones by Andy McKeown

nottingham light night 2013

The Bottle Family by Sarah Turner
nottingham light night 2013

The Architectural Pavillion by Nottingham University Architect students

nottingham light night 2013

Then back to the Ukes :-)

nottingham light night 2013


Araignee said...

What fun! A post Christmas lighting event is just brilliant.

Janys said...

Great set of pictures, Sue! Fun event by the looks of things ...

Julie said...

We came across last year and enjoyed it but didn't make it this year. I'd heard Light Night was a bit disappointing this year but I think our friends must have been looking in the wrong places. Thanks for giving us a taste of colourful Nottingham Light Night.

Guzzisue said...

Julie.. seemed more subdued this year, previous years have had more lights and the big wheel but I still missed out on things due to lack of time.
Araignee,, A good event to break up the winter gloom!

Janys..thanks, always good to have a wander round and see whoes doing what.. :-)

emma said...

Wow that looks amazing! I love the willow work.