Wednesday, 10 April 2013

woolly wednesday

Ok, this has come around far too soon!! Not really a huge amount to show for the last few weeks as I have been busy with other thing as my previous few posts will show

So I'm just off for a much needed coffee break whilst I think about what I have been up to
 Remember this Shetland cross from the last woolly Wednesday?
 Here it is spun up
and this is how it is knitting up.
At the moment I'm trying to sort out and ball up some yarn to display/sell and a forthcoming charity night to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust, we are having a bit of a dabble night and generally seeing if anyone would be interested in short workshops/demos to raise funds. I'm going to put together a few spindle kits and will be attending with my wheel as it's usually quite a show stopper. 

Not a lot of gossip for you, have a good day :-)


Dawn said...

I love how the colours are knitting up x

Thistle Cove Farm said...

lovely spinning wheel and wool.