Monday, 20 May 2013

Fleecy goodness

There was a parcel waiting for me when I got home on Friday but I was in a mad rush to get changed and back into town to meet a couple of friends so we could have a few drinks whilst my man was at a bike rally in Devon with the rest of Drake MCC. So the parcel remained on the cooker top until this morning ( Sunday)
Although I did give it a poke and a prod just to see what it looked like, not often that I have fleece delivered to me in clear plastic bags :-)
This was an e-bay purchase, I had seen the half fleece listed a week or so ago and it didn't sell but the other half of it did so I checked the feedback for it and other fleeces from the same source. It then occurred to me that I had bought a Jacob from the same seller last year which was good so I clicked the button.
One half Lleyn cross shearling....nice looking fleece
Too be honest, I've never tried this breed before so pulled off a small wash, spin and knit just too see what I had bought.
Washed up beautifully! very white, feels a bit like a down breed so maybe that's what its crossed with. I've now washed half of it and need to have a think whether to dye it before I spin anymore.
I must say that it is rather nice!!


Star said...

Looks beautiful to me.

laura_rose said...

Looks good to me too! I am spinning tops atm...then some Merino and something? will be combining the finished product to make a lacy bag and I only have 6 months to do it?!?!

Araignee said...

Looks good to me too!

Dawn said...

Looks lovely, beautiful open fleece.