Friday, 24 May 2013

spinning update

yes, I've managed to pull in a bit of spinning and now I have two bobbins of undyed romney ready to ply and I still have some left. I had forgotten about the bag of fibre in my spinning wheel bag so once I've plyed these two I will see how much I have. The first bobbin was spun a couple of weeks ago but the second one is pretty variable in its twist as it was something of an anger/comfort spin to separate me from things happening in the real world...Spinning is my destress, zone out bolt hole at times.....anyone else find they feel like this?

Anyway, here we are, waiting to be plyed.


Araignee said...

Of all the things I do, spinning is the most relaxing. I get completely in a zone and have been known to nod off at the wheel. I also find myself spinning most often with my eyes closed and getting better results than with my eyes open. I suppose the hands know what to do while the brain takes a rest.

Shiela Dixon said...

definitely - it's a real stress-reliever.

Scary thought Araignee, I think I like control too much. There's a touch of 'use the force, Luke' about that!

Love the pic of the fleece, bobbins and combs Sue.