Friday, 26 July 2013

Leamington Spa Uke Festival

Last weekend we travelled down to Leamington Spa as The Nottingham Ukulele Orchestra were playing as part of Leamington Spa's first Ukulele Festival. My man took his ukes and I took my toys, this time it was an inkle loom and a drop spindle :-)
Fortunately the weather was good and somewhat cooler than it has been recently and the whole event was well organised, My only comment would be that many of the Uke groups there were playing the same selection of tunes and when we reached the fourth rendition of you are my sunshine etc my patience began to get a little stretched. Fortunately the Nottingham Uke guys have a different set list and attracted quite a bit of attention
Photos of this event by myself are a bit limited as I was busy trying to weave some wrist bands for next weekend but here we go...

However this made us all smile.....

We stayed over night locally and took some time out the next morning to have a wander round the town before heading home.

 Bell/flower hanging over the river Leam
 The Spa water which the town is famous for

 The Gardens

 Garden wildlife

 Window featuring self portraits by local school children

 An enjoyable short break for both of us :-)


Araignee said...

That kid was hilarious (and very talented). You made my day!

Nikos said...

He's going to make a superb helicopter pilot!