Monday, 5 August 2013

Pagan Pride 2013

Just a few photos, the afternoon was eventually rained off, I sheltered under a tree for maybe half an hour then decamped to the pub with friends. Still I had time to watch the Morris dancing and listen to a lovely long story about dragons.

 There were lots of people wearing cloaks and long flowing gowns, I did see a pair of pixie ears as well.

 Tribal/belly dancers taking time out in the pouring rain, Hi Jane, love the umbrella x
Viking story teller, didn't get his name but he was excellent!!

It was a fun follow up to the Riverside where I had spent the whole day spinning whilst listened to folk music and watching Appalachian dancing, no photos as the big top tent cast a very strange colour across everything.

See what I mean about funny colours !!

Have a great week everyone !!


Araignee said...

Lovely costumes on the festival goers. It reminds me of our Renn Fest which I do believe begins in the next week or so.

Star said...

Hey, that looks like such fun and a good excuse to wear the sort of clothes we really want to wear all the time. Thanks for showing us your day :)