Saturday, 5 October 2013

Back up North...Isle of Skye

Well, what can I say? every time we go to Scotland we end up on the Isle of Skye, even when we are heading to Orkney and really don't intend going to Skye we still end up there This is what happened in 2009 although I didn't blog about the island until earlier this year we had left Orkney and intended visiting Mull and parts of the mainland, we had sworn that we would not go to Skye but we suspect that there is a big magnet up there that draws us back each time.

This year, after cancelling the planned Holiday, visiting Skye was definitely on the cards. The place just unwinds us and we get to know more people each time we travel up there.

We crossed over using the Glenelg-Skye ferry, have a look at the video on the site to see why we prefer this to the bridge when we have time to spare.

Isle of Skye
we were lucky enough to be able to rent a bungalow at very short notice overlooking Portree harbour, beautiful view.

Isle of Skye

especially at breakfast time watching the sun come up. Bit sad but I still get up early even when on holiday!

Isle of Skye

We had the odd shower here and there but that always gives us an excuse to hunt for rainbows :-)

Isle of Skye

I had no excuse for not feeling at home there....see what was in the main room !

Isle of Skye

I will continue with some more photos in the next post,then I promise a post with some fibre content, honest !!!

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Woolly Bits said...

argh, wanderlust awakes:) I love skye, and I haven't been there in ages! last time was when the bridge was "in the making" - and we were quite happy to use the ferry. I'd like to know if the nice lady in Kyle of Lochalsh still has the b&b... we found a ton of knitting books right beside the rooms on a shelf and spend hours late at night browsing:) I do like arran, too, but skye looks "wilder", less tame... happy memories, thanks for the photos!

Bettina from ireland
who hasn't commented in ages, sorry....