Sunday, 20 October 2013

why would we go to Pontefract?

after all, it's not a particularly famous place except for Pontefract cakes!, its not a very big place and from what we saw yesterday it's not a very busy place BUT it was home to the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival and a rather cute little museum housed in the lovely old library building.

So, after having a good look round the little museum, learning about the area and the production of Pontefract cakes we made our way to the town hall which was the venue for the festival.

The hint that something was happening was outside the hall in a small covered area....

Grand Northern Ukulele Festival 2013

although they look like they have been abandoned, their owners weren't far away !

We have met Professor Eek at previous festivals and earlier that morning as we wandered round the town centre. He was now about to get a whole lot he is in full one man band mode !!

Grand Northern Ukulele Festival 2013

At the Cheltenham festival last year he walked from the town hall to the mass busk venue wearing the full set complete with the boot strap that makes the drum work. I don't think he has realised quite how far it was !!

Also lurking outside was one of the nights top acts, worth catching up with if you have chance.

 Grand Northern Ukulele Festival 2013

and here's a clip from you tube...The Cheltenham fesival 2013

Ukulele Uff and Lonesome Dave who is a brilliant guitarist as well.

I didn't take many photos but here's Hal, we've seen him on stage before and stood in line for a burger with him before!!That's what we like about these does, most of the artists are really approachable, there's one who we see who will always ask where the spinning wheel is :-) and has threatened to get me on stage with it an one of the festivals !! ( thanks Phil)

So here is Hal showing off the twin necked ukulele with a bit of help from Yan Yalego

 Grand Northern Ukulele Festival 2013

Now I've found a clip from that night, if you ignore the visual and just listen then maybe you will understand why I quite like this little instrument :-)

Hope you all have a good weekend, I have a desk covered in felt and threads...will post more next time x

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Araignee said...

Spinners spinning on stage to music sounds very entertaining! I just watched a spinning competition at Rhinebeck this weekend and it could have used music.