Wednesday, 1 January 2014

I'm sticking around !

Thanks for your comments, I've decided to stick around a bit longer and I'm also trying the photo a day thing so you should see regular posts even if it's just a random photo!

I sat down, had a think and realised that I need a challenge of sorts to keep me on track, hence the photo thingy. 

To be honest, I started with the idea of taking a photo of the glass Santa on the recycling bin simply because we don't really do Christmas and this is our only ornament ! it came from a raffle last year) and it's been hanging around my work room ever since.

Then I turned it upside down and realised it was hollow so stuck it in some dead plants.

Wanting a bit of colour I stuck it in the living stuff !

So my first photo of the year is sort of abstract!


Dawn said...

Love that last photo, good to see you will still be around - had missed the other post
I've not been a great blogger or reader lately, but hoping to improve on that. Was thinking of setting myself a challenge to but maybe a weekly one that I could achieve

Dawn x

Guzzisue said...

weekly would be good, I did a monthly embroidery challenge a few years ago and managed to keep it up right until the end on November...then I broke my right arm!! that sort of stopped me doing anything !