Tuesday, 21 January 2014

what else?

I seem to have reached a point where I often have a safe photo and a 'different' photo and never know whether to chance both of them or just go with the obvious one. Is this a result of starting to properly look for subjects/texture/colours? Maybe.

On the crafty side, I've cast on a shawl, I'm ready to print out a new lace strip and thinking of looking at one of my old lace pillow to see if it can be rescued.

In the last week I've taught 3 young people to knit and will be introducing bobbin lace to another youngster this week. I may even get the spinning wheel out again!!

This is today's alternative photo...not sure about it but interesting idea....

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Star said...

Always nice to start a new project, isn't it. Look forward to seeing how it comes along. The picture is very arty and interesting.