Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Crafting with young people

Just over a year ago I started working with young people who attend a youth group local to where I work, mainly I do some random craft work or play favourite games such as hedgehogs where you have balance wooden hedgehogs on top of each other until they fall down.
I though I'd share one or two of the items that have been made recently.
Felt pumpkins for Halloween 

Group jigsaw colouring, just get everyone to colour a piece with random colours. 
Scary monsters

Worry dolls

And puppets 

If anyone has any ideas to add to my list, I would appreciate it :-) we have touched on knitting, spinning,making felt brooches/key rings, bobbin lace, simple books over the last few months.


Julie said...

You've obviously been an inspirational teacher, Sue. They look as though they've been really well taught and worked very hard at the projects. The peg dolls are very impressive. Have you done any weaving with them?

Araignee said...

Wonderful ideas! If I were still teaching I would have to borrow them all.