Sunday, 19 July 2015

Back to normality

So, it's the end of my first week back at work, as I expected I am tired. Domestic chores are proving a challenge this weekend as I have succeeded in burning out my vacuum cleaner but since it is over 25 years old I can't complain too much. Today , Sunday,  means a trip out to replace it, maybe a cycle ride if it stops raining and a look at my plans to make a travel bobbin lace pillow.

Since its Nottingham Pride March on Saturday,  I have been working out how to make rainbow hair slides and wristbands so that the Wednesday night crowd can make them for themselves between  making banners to march with.
enjoy your weekend X


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Maggi said...

Lovely . I hope that march goes well. It must be the season for vacuum cleaner demise. I've just had to replace my old faithful.