Sunday, 5 July 2015

beginning to feel better :-)


Definitely beginning to fell a bit better, still coughing but not wheezing so much, helped by the fact that its now cooler as well.
I've managed to do a bit in the garden aka the jungle but I suspect that it may take the rest of the summer to get it into any real sort of order.

I've set up a bookmark on my lace pillow and it got me to thinking about some form of travel pillow or pillow in a bag for taking on holiday ( I often take an inkle loom or spinning wheel on holiday ) not sure if to make one and use travel bobbins or full size ones.

tomorrow I may get out all my bobbins and see how many travel ones I have as I'm sure I was given some a couple of years ago but probably not that many.

I hope you had a good weekend xx


Araignee said...

Glad you are feeling better. Summer colds are the worst. That bookmark is looking lovely!

Maggi said...

Glad you are starting to feel better. The worst time of the year for having to neglect the garden!

Shiela Dixon said...

Your lacemaking is making me nostalgic. Many years ago I had a stained glass workshop within a Norfolk craft centre that was also home to The Lace Museum run by an amazing lady called Lesley Thomas. She curated the museum, she ran a shop selling supplies, she sat and made lace and then in the evenings she taught. I never tried it but I know how incredibly labour-intensive this is (handmade lace) and that Nottingham has a lace heritage. It's good to see you doing this.