Friday, 10 July 2015

how many posts?

According to the stat counter thingy I've made 932 posts to this blog since I started back in June 2007 !! At times I've felt like abandoning it completely  but then I think, why not just see if I can keep it going a bit longer.

This morning I'm having a little sort out in the spare room, the general dumping space that at the moment is crammed full off cast off items, I won't say rubbish until I've checked what is there.

So far I've uncovered another lace pillow so who knows what else is in there!!

This one was given to me a few years ago, I've never used it, its definitely hand made and feels like its stuffed with straw.

I wonder what else is hiding in there??

1 comment:

Araignee said...

It's a bit like Christmas when I clean out the stash room. I really don't know how all those things got in there.