Thursday, 13 August 2015

Feeling a bit sorry for myself

Hi, I'm still here although I still seem to have the virus which is confounding the doctors at the moment. My plans are to slowly try and bring some order to this room, started yesterday before I got too exhausted as I wanted to get covers washed and dried (weather warnings in place for today)
The poor guitar has been abandoned by both of us and now only has 5 strings, I'm going to have a look round and see see if we gave any spare strings. The problem with whatever this problem is that I move, I cough, I get tired so things have been building up over the weeks and really everything needs a good dust....which makes me cough/sneeze ,!

Never mind I'm working on my 5th lace bookmark, photos next time and really enjoying the process.

Speak soon,  will share photos if I ever finish this room :-)

1 comment:

Araignee said...

Still under the weather? That is worrisome. Hope you find some answers soon. That's can't be much fun.