Thursday, 14 January 2016

the blank canvas

Ok, I think I'm sorted apart from the creases and I'm working on them!

I've set up a scribble band on one of my frames, this is for embroidery of any kind. I can add fabric, paint the background, do what ever even if it doesn't work out.

If, for example I fancy doing some drawn thread work then I just do it, no worries about what I will make with it etc.

The stitching area is 6 inch wide, I've left 3 inch borders which I've temporarily hemmed just in case I want to back the band with something. When winding on to the stretcher bars I've added an extra folded length of fabric just to help with the tension issue caused by the thickness of the sides.

So far I've just stitched a start line, I need to add the date somewhere as well.

then I did some thinking, over the years I have taken part in Take a Stitch Tuesday and Take it Further challenges set by Sharon of Pintangle. The challenge is running again so I've signed up and I'm now playing catch up!! you can see my previous attempts by clicking the Link for TAST and take it further under the list of labels on this blog.

So after some basic darning stitch. I started on Fly Stitch, (week one)

It's very much a case of deja vu but also a bit of fun :-)

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