Thursday, 11 February 2016

this makes life err... interesting

So I've seen my consultant again, I still have an asthma diagnosis but they are still unsure as to what is causing the cough or what is triggering the asthma. So, new drugs, new theories, still off work......

and they now recommend that I wear a dust mask when doing housework etc. I have ordered a pack off the Internet and I've bought a few from the local shop to keep me going. The biggest problem with this is that my glasses sit a bit funny with the shop ones.

Fortunately they haven't asked me to wear one outside the house !!

( when I wear them, I end up with a red patch on my face the same shape as the mask!!)

I'm back to sorting out and hopefully making things dust free and I found these.

The bobbin lace stitches booklet was given to me by Dorothy Cox a few years before I began to make lace properly and have lessons.

I acquired the Little Grey Rabbit Book a little later on although I have not, to date, made anything from it!!

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Araignee said...

Masks are such a pain. I wear them often also and my glasses give me fits too.