Sunday, 14 February 2016

white stuff ?

I was just about to post that we haven't had any snow when I realised that the room had gone dark. I've had the blind shut so I could see the screen on my tablet and as I looked up I realised that I could see snow through one of the gaps!

All excited, I opened the blind to find that it was just a quick snow flurry, blink and you will miss it. However, Ian phoned around an hour or so ago to say it was snowing where he was, about 60 miles from here.

Between sorting the books and photos, I've copied the lace pattern and started to wind the bobbins.

Just checked, still trying to snow.

1 comment:

Araignee said...

Snow! We are waiting for some tonight. I just want a dusting not that Snowzilla thing that happened a few weeks ago. I'm too old for all that shoveling.