Wednesday, 13 April 2016

shades of grey

First a quick update about me, I'm still off work but due back in the next week or so. The cause of the cough is still unknown although fibres do NOT seem to play a part in this. I now have some drugs that are helping !!

I am now trying to spin the coloured fleece shown on my previous post, I'm aiming for a 4ply weight and as many natural shades as possible.

The Ryland so far has yielded 3 shade of grey/brown with a 4th yet to be spun

Please excuse my photos, my camera is playing up, it has probably heard that I was looking at a new one at the weekend. its sulking!

The dark brown Jacob lamb has been split into two shades, dark and not so dark.

 this gives me two subtly different dark greys,

 again camera being stupid, I think I need to reset the focus setting

Samples so far, dark grey is Ryland, light grey is Norfolk/Sufolk which I still want to colour sort, brown is Bond which I purchased from Australia a few years back.

There is a reason for all this which will be revealed at some point.

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Araignee said...

Lovely fibers! Natural colors are so pretty when they play off each other.