Friday, 24 June 2016

That time of year

Hi, it's ukulele festival time again but this time I don't have my camera so it's just a couple of rubbish photos with my tablet.

Unfortunately, just getting out of Nottingham was a challenge with the front suspension on the car collapsing about a mile from where I was picked up. Hubby managed to get the car to the garage which was fortunately less than a mile away and they offered to lend us a car for the weekend. In the mean time I had caught the bus back to town and 20 minutes later he picked my up again from the same spot as earlier.  Talk about deja Vue !

The festival was really busy Friday night as the rain drove everyone inside. Saturday was dry and all the action was at the town hall. I did my usual thing of spending the afternoon crafting then enjoying the music in the evening.

And rejoined the the crowds in the theatre for the evening show.
We headed back home Sunday dinnertime after the big busk, I was tired as this had also been my first week working full time since last December and we were both feeling the effects of being away.

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Araignee said...

Car troubles are no fun. Happy to see the weekend turned out well in spite of it.