Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Tour de Fleece, day seventeen and an elephant.


Spinning...not a lot, just continued with the light brown ryland and will hopefully get it plyed tomorrow.

Fibre prep.... working through the mixed bag of ryland.

Dorset down sorted and partially washed, some of this fleece is really dry and coarse so may be discarded. BTW just in case you think I'm wasting money, these fleeces came at minimal cost from a friend who has a few coloured sheep as well as commercial flock, I just turn up and always walk away with more than expected. I have found that I'm much more picky about what I will keep compared with a few years ago.

I still occasionally buy from other sources but may have to curtail that due to space issues rather than financial!!

tomorrow I hope to wash the large grey ryland fleece and put the mystery caramel one into soak really not sure what colour it really is !

And that brings me to the elephant.....

outside Sheffield railway station are some interesting water features,

and two elephants.. this one

and somebody please make me a pair of trousers based on this one !!!

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