Sunday, 7 August 2016

a mixed weekend

Friday night proved to be restless so I was up early doing some more fleece prep and a little spinning. This time it was some Norfolk Horn that has been hanging around in my stash for a few years but bit by bit I'm slowly whittleing it down although some of it feels a bit sticky so may get another wash soon.

The plan for the day was to spend some time in the garden, sort out the washing etc and head off out to the Riverside Festival at around 1 o'clock.This should have been an easy journey bus from outside our house, get off in Town, walk to next bus stop and catch on down to the Trent embankment.

I hadn't taken into account the fact that there was a big protest march that closed the centre of town and the buses were taking the diversion route. Unfortunately they were pulling onto the diversion route too early and missing out the pickup stop for the festival. Temperatures rose, there were angry voices all aimed at the poor bus company employees who were trying their best to get the buses back on track.

This jorney should have taken well under than an hour but ended up taken over two!! The EDL had planned their protest for the busiest saturday with both a Festival and the first football match of the season taking place.

Once there I headed for the folk tent so I could do some knitting :-)

I then had a wander round before heading back as it gets really busy in the evening with people claiming their vantage points for watching the fireworks.

Part of this festival takes place on the river as the boats put out flags and light up in the evening.

This years there were 5 music stages and the fairground rides lined the street as usual.

I left just as the football finished and crowds of fans heading my way made me find the bus back into town.

There's another event on tomorrow so fingers crossed that the good weather holds out.

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