Thursday, 29 September 2016

Scottish diaries, over the sea to ......


Anyone who reads this blog, does anyone still read blogs? will remember that we visit the Isle of Skye from tine to time and we were last up there in May.

From where we are based it's a 100 plus miles journey but the chance to catch up with people was to big a draw. Setting off at 8 we managed to make the first crossing at Glenelg at 10 and ticked off the first job on our list. Two dogs work on the ferry, inspecting travellers,checking the ferry is all there and still smells the same and All the other important things that dogs do.

One of them has his own Facebook page :-)

We dropped off dog biscuits and treats for them to share.

Next stop was the Windrush bookshop and cafĂ©,  we have come to know the owners over the last few years and any cafe with a spinning wheel set up and obviously in use is the place for me. A quick hot chocolate and hubby wandered off to watch the shinty match at Portree leaving me to chat with some knitters and spinners that  knew from previous visits. 

After the shinty (skye lost) we wandered off to Skye Batiks. Now , anyone who knows me will have seen the patterned trousers that I usually were. These all come from Skye Batiks along with some of my bags and other clothing. This time we were picking up a parcel for someone I work with and dropping off two fairisle hats for two of the staff.

Several cups of coffee later we left having purchased several packets of there new range of curry spice mixes. I will report back on them later :-)

After a quick look at the harbour we had to head back, but we hope to be back on the island next May :-)

We took the bridge back...... not so much fun as the ferry though

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