Sunday, 1 January 2017

a new year, same old me :-)


Well that was exciting. I spent the New Year break pretty much on my own as my man has a really bad cough and hasn't ventured out of bed since early Friday evening.

I did some housework Saturday morning then decided that I would spend my time chilling and catching up on some craft work as well as having a bit of a turf out in my work room.

The yarn for the next kep is spun and washed, I'm taking past in a Fair Isle Fisherman Kep knit-a-long starting next week just for a bit of fun. I've yet to sort out a design but will have a look at that tomorrow.

so, this is Jacob, Ryland and Manx loaghtan ready to be balled up, I just have to decide which grey to use.

Slow progress on the hat and I'm still choosing the patterns as I knit along. This was going to be a short, normal size hat but I think I will knit it up to kep length as I'm enjoying it so much.

I have some embroidery planned ( in my head) so not much to show but I did spin some silk to use in it, just a small amount spun on a drop spindle.

This is from a silk 'brick' that I bought many years ago at one of the big embroidery shows, I've been chipping away at it over the years but there is still plenty left.

Well, that's about it, the weather is cold wet and damp and I was in bed before the fireworks started last night.

I hope you all had a good New Year xx


Araignee said...

Look at that basket of beautiful yarn!!!
Happy New Year!

Sarah Dewfall said...

Oodles of potential, what a lovely way to start the year.

Sophie said...

Happy new year for you too