Sunday, 22 October 2017

knitting update

 I'm looking back at the blog and I've not mentioned my knitting since August so this is a quick round up of completed projects since then.

Hebridean and possibly Portland


Hebridean and unknown mystery white fleece

Ooops this is the back of the band as you can see where the row changes

Black cheviot and Texel

 Ryeland and Texel

Texel and black Cheviot

 Ryeland and white Shetland

Hebridean and Norfolk Horn

a couple of the ear warmers were knitted on the way up to Orkney and from Orkney to Skye. I now use Ravelry to keep notes of the fleece used as soon as I start a project otherwise I would be totally lost!


Araignee said... many beautiful things!

Dontlikebeingforcedintosettingupaprofile said...

I've never been able to spin fine enough, by the time it's plied it is bulky.... I'd love to fair isle my own handspun.

Dont drop spindle as I love to use a wheel. Its an old Ashford trad, simple bog standard one.