Sunday, 7 January 2018

update (and a little knitting )


I still have the big boot BUT I can now start to put weight on my foot :-) I've chipped a bone and torn the ligaments so now its a case of gently getting back to walking normally and hopefully the pain will die down as well.
Enough of the medical!!

I've been playing again with the e-spinner, it's not my best friend and I'll be glad when I can use one of my wheels again. I'm finding the constant speed a pain! I'm used to spinning fairly consistently  but being able to slow down to pick out straw etc as I go. With this its stop then try and find the speed you were using and any movement on the brake band slows it up considerably.

I've spun two skeins, more because I need them than as a form of enjoyment but I'm not ruling out the idea of some sort of e spinner in the future as it helps with plying and it was pointed out to me that it would be good for using in the camper but it would have to be an Ashford or Hansen or other more substantial  machine.

Stash diving in the fleece has come up with this Shetland, quite short and a bit of a pain to process and the photos do not quite show the right colour which is quite a rich brown.

I may wait and wheel spun this with it being a short staple I don't want is to run away from me.

On the pins and nearly off them is another hat. This time its all Shetland and really quite soft.

Another outing in the camper is planned  for later in the month but we are not sure where and it will depend on the weather.

So that's about it for now, speak soon x

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Araignee said...

Ouch....I hope your foot is feeling better. That sounds rather nasty.
I wondered about the e-spinner. I am a very fiddly spinner, always stopping and starting and adjusting as I go so I doubt it would be for me. You've made me curious though. I may have to give one a try.