Sunday, 11 February 2018

fleecy post

I'm still off work, went back for 1 1/2 days but the foot began to be painful and swollen so I'm back at home with a further fracture clinic appointment later this week.

This means I am busy making friends with the electric spinner and prepping fibre ready for spinning.

To save me from getting too bored with the spinning, I'm prepping a bag of each fleece at a time. This means I am slowly getting through some of the pillow cases that just had some remnants in. All the fleece is combed simply because this is my favourite prep to spin from and excess yarn will be sold but my stocks are so low that I suspect that I will be using it all.

At the moment I have some Jacob/Texel on the Electric Eel, a bit coarse but interesting shade.

Next up will probably be some dark Shetland that I had forgotten about, not a brilliant fleece but I'm get a skein or two from it.

Its a lot darker than this photo shows :-)

So far I have skeins ( some of the quite small) of Hampshire Down, mule, Shetland/Merino, Cheviot, Shetland and Ryland waiting for a good washing day.

I may just have ordered a couple more Shetland fleeces, ssshh don't tell anyone.

On the travel front, we have booked a campsite for a couple of days for our next trip North of the Border and the ferry for a mooch around Europe much later in the year.

Speak soon xx

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Araignee said...

You can't have too much Shetland!