Thursday, 12 July 2018

TDF day 5...sorting out the portable version

Up to now I'm spinning everyday on my wheel/wheels which is good for me and keeps the yarn production going.

But I need spinning that is portable as I will be away on Saturday without a wheel so a spindle would be good.

I had a quick practise last night so I guess this spinning is day 4 :-) combed southdown which is actually destined for the wheel. I still can't make up my mind on which spindle to use. Definitely not the big one as I'm washing some Shetland that is quite fine. Maybe the smaller one which is 17 gram or I may raid the collection for something sized a bit in-between these two.

I have a couple of Russian spindles that I would like to master to use in the van, maybe I'll dig them out as well,

The Shetland washed up well and I'm playing with it on the small spindle.

I also spun maybe 3/4  of a bag of Jacob this afternoon.

more tomorrow x

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