Sunday, 18 November 2018

Travels with my spinning wheel, accross the sea to France.

Sunday morning found us up and about early on but as our ferry wasn't until 8.45 we were pretty much the last van off the ferry pitches on the site ( pitches near the site entrance resrved for people getting early ferries)

First time on the ferry for puffin, first time for us for a few years :-) the ferry was busy so we grabbed a sandwich at the bar and chilled for an hour. We were joined by another traveller who was very familiar with Skye so the journey was passed most enjoyably, exchanging tales of good and bad experiences when traveling.

Our first destination in France was La Coupole, a former V2 launch site which is now a museum. As we arrived early afternoon we had a light meal in the café and asked if it would be possible to park overnight and visit the museum in the morning. They were happy for us to do this, filled our drinking water container and directed us to the overflow car park.

As you can see we were joined by another van. I spent a pleasant afternoon spinning in the sunshine.

We visited the museum the next day, I would suggest that you follow the link above for more details as I find it hard to put into words anything about the destruction caused buy these weapons.

I've posted some photos, I don't think they really need descriptions.


                From the cab of the van you can see the original trackway for the rockets.

We left the museum mid afternoon and headed south, stopping at an old campsite that had seen better days but did deliver bread to your door in the morning.

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